kudoh e66ede49d9 --force-log 10 years ago
ORBit 5ba333d32b rebuilt with rpm-4.8.1 12 years ago
ORBit2 534b52cf4b update to GNOME-2.32.0 12 years ago
OpenDX 66a9678b5e import VineSeed package specs 13 years ago
OpenEXR c47fe1489e updated: OpenEXR, openal, exiv2, flac, namazu 12 years ago
OpenIPMI 89387a0bfd net-snmp-5.7.1 11 years ago
OpenType-hiragino 7ecbcc00ff TeX Live 2012 10 years ago
OpenType-incosolata a113709982 NEW: OpenType-incosolata TrueType-migu TrueType-ricty 11 years ago
OpenType-ipaexfont cd5f26d3c8 10 years ago
OpenType-ipamj-mincho 11ecec5725 OpenType-ipamj-mincho-vl.spec 10 years ago
OpenType-kozuka 7ecbcc00ff TeX Live 2012 10 years ago
OpenType-mikachan 65a8d019a3 updated OpenType-mikachan-vl.spec 11 years ago
OpenType-morisawa 7ecbcc00ff TeX Live 2012 10 years ago
OpenType-source-sans-pro e66ede49d9 --force-log 10 years ago
OpenType-stix aadcb259ec 11 years ago
OpenType-takaofont 2b79937029 12 years ago
OpenType-textar 344f9ebdff 12 years ago