ara_t d0d14f9cb6 libghc-*: rebuild with ghc-8.4.3 4 years ago
libA d07d7e8ef1 rebuilt with libpng-1.6.12 8 years ago
libF 9d22877c0f new upstream release 7 years ago
libI 03f5f08b6a new upstream release 8 years ago
libP 0d93726612 2015-02-11 Ryoichi INAGAKI <> 7 years ago
libS 64aec7c68f GNOME-3.12.0 8 years ago
libX 3659d6fd1d libXfont2: new package for xorg 1.19.y 4 years ago
liba f596d9c103 libappindicator 12.10.0-1 4 years ago
libb cbbc6e06b4 libbsd-0.8.7-1 4 years ago
libc 05355474e7 libcap-ng-0.7.9-1 4 years ago
libd 32241d7c1f libdbusmenu 12.10.2-2 4 years ago
libe 76ff64d66c libedit-3.1-3.20170329 4 years ago
libf 92ead67a11 new: libfastjson-0.99.8-3 4 years ago
libg d0d14f9cb6 libghc-*: rebuild with ghc-8.4.3 4 years ago
libi 3757a9898a libindicator 12.10.1-1 4 years ago
libj 659dcf73a1 libjpeg-turbo: update to 1.5.3 5 years ago
libk 4f6d7da332 libksba 1.3.5-1 5 years ago
libl a94ce7ec49 libldb-1.3.2-1 4 years ago
libm 4b4a7461d0 libmatemixer 1.20.0-1 4 years ago
libn a686511b12 libnl3-3.4.0-1 4 years ago
libo 5a9e3c3e1c libogg-1.3.3-1 4 years ago
libp 37471bf105 libpq-10.3-1 4 years ago
libq c4c044ac8a firefox: new upstrream release 6 years ago
libr f3a6b28abe librelp-1.2.15-1 4 years ago
libs 8721a9512a libskk: enable to input some Zenkaku characters 4 years ago
libt 217adec3d8 libtevent-0.9.36-1 4 years ago
libu 33db7e6e24 libunistring-0.9.8-1 4 years ago
libv 56ac94604c libvpx-1.7.0-1 4 years ago
libw b7f40ea58a GNOME-3.20 6 years ago
libx 5e970a0a98 libxslt-1.1.32-1 4 years ago
liby 37abbda0d0 2014-10-12 Ryoichi INAGAKI <> 8 years ago
libz da4aa1ebfe libzip-1.4.0-1 4 years ago