Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  munepi 403c9625c1 updated arranged some procedures to mount /proc and unionfs_dir 12 years ago
  munepi 6c7ca0d666 updated improved Clean() 12 years ago
  munepi 49ae665a5c updated improved Clean() 12 years ago
  Takemikaduchi f98337e0b2 fix unionfs_dir 12 years ago
  munepi d0e18a6b47 updated vbuilder: added --debug, --login options; applied vbootstrap-0.0.37-armhack.patch (Thanks to parrot-san) 12 years ago
  munepi 431af8783d updated added 29528UNIONFS_DIR 12 years ago
  munepi 07d34b4ebc updated supported --unionfs for RPM_Sign() 12 years ago
  munepi a0313c8d74 updated improved RPM_Sign() to sign rpms under usermode 12 years ago
  munepi 611e7d01a2 updated added -o _netdev in mnt_opts (mount-chroot-mount()) 12 years ago
  munepi 58abb8aba5 updated supported usermode 12 years ago
  munepi 108ba2456b updated added --rpmbuild-define, --rpmbuild-without options 12 years ago
  munepi 3e94619c56 updated vbootstrap: gettextlized 12 years ago
  munepi 0b81a97c8d gettextlize の途中 12 years ago
  munepi c2e776798e updated defined require-root() (Thanks to tomo-p-san) 12 years ago
  Takemikaduchi b74738be0e update add /bin/sh option -l at __chroot_sh 12 years ago
  munepi e0321f6802 update setarch ix86 if ix86 chroot on x86_64 host 12 years ago
  munepi 1a7c48a8a4 updated fixed around --rpmbuild-with option 12 years ago
  munepi 5f89dd4fae NEW project: upload texlive-vtlpkg 12 years ago
  munepi f728576936 updated fixed RPM_Sign() 12 years ago
  munepi f7e43e5ae3 updated added --no-install option 12 years ago
  munepi 5977fb0d71 update added --sign option 12 years ago
  munepi 66368f46d7 added to make /dev/urandom in Build() 13 years ago
  daisuke b1935a4ab7 vbootstrap/vbuilder: 13 years ago
  munepi 43793b2f98 Build(): added /dev/random on chroot 13 years ago
  munepi ab10681fb0 clean時に前回のShow-Infoを出すようにしていたのをやめました。 13 years ago
  munepi cb265a650a added some comments for mount-chroot() 13 years ago
  munepi 69af8ede5c updated fixed Usage_C() 13 years ago
  munepi 49e2e766bd supported test category 13 years ago
  munepi 6860cd9bed updated added --category option 13 years ago
  munepi 8f1bdcaa85 vbuilder関連を更新。 13 years ago