Commit History

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  munepi ed6c9d59bd updated 11 years ago
  munepi 827164bbbd updated to 0.0.47 12 years ago
  munepi e3172b2193 added %%changelog for vbootstrap-0.0.46-1 12 years ago
  munepi 40dd5109ee updated Build() を最適化。vbuilder clean build しても、self-build-setup ぱっけーじをインストールしないように変更。self-build-setup は、self-build 関連パッケージをビルド、もしくは、インストールするときのみに、インストールするように変更。 12 years ago
  munepi fb784fe7e7 set STABLE_VERSION to 6.0 12 years ago
  munepi 9d4ed86139 updated vbootstrap-vl.spec: 0.0.44 12 years ago
  munepi 7d6601a8b9 modified vbootstrap/6.0_*: s/6\.0/6/ 12 years ago
  munepi 54c8767d48 added UGROUPS=wheel in vbuilder.console; supported 6.0_i386 and 6.0_x86_64 12 years ago
  munepi f88dd1957a 12 years ago
  munepi 7ff5ccb903 updated added the target noarch in 6802RPM_TARGET_LIST 12 years ago
  munepi 7f41e9839f updated vbootstrap: supported versions format: <version>_<arch>; updated sync the above change for vbootstrap 12 years ago
  munepi 8dedbc1c66 dropped the action "show-info" 12 years ago
  munepi 410b14d161 fixed RPM_Sign(), Login_Chroot() in; the command "vbuilder clean" returns 0. 12 years ago
  munepi e41a9a199a updated ja.po 12 years ago
  munepi 76cd106783 updated 12 years ago
  munepi 4bd2e161fe updated dropped user_from_uid() 12 years ago
  munepi b74b4742a9 updated vbootstrap: 0.0.40 release 12 years ago
  munepi 403c9625c1 updated arranged some procedures to mount /proc and unionfs_dir 12 years ago
  munepi 49ae665a5c updated improved Clean() 12 years ago
  munepi 4ad1f5d9ef added %%changelog in vbootstrap-vl.spec 12 years ago
  munepi d0e18a6b47 updated vbuilder: added --debug, --login options; applied vbootstrap-0.0.37-armhack.patch (Thanks to parrot-san) 12 years ago
  munepi 431af8783d updated added 29528UNIONFS_DIR 12 years ago
  munepi 07d34b4ebc updated supported --unionfs for RPM_Sign() 12 years ago
  munepi a0313c8d74 updated improved RPM_Sign() to sign rpms under usermode 12 years ago
  munepi 6baae67094 fixed the target link in vbootstrap/Makefile: linked consolehelper to vbuilder 12 years ago
  munepi 58abb8aba5 updated supported usermode 12 years ago
  munepi 108ba2456b updated added --rpmbuild-define, --rpmbuild-without options 12 years ago
  munepi d3e57827c1 updated vbootstrap: updated vbootstrap.pot, and merged to ja.po 12 years ago
  munepi 3e94619c56 updated vbootstrap: gettextlized 12 years ago
  munepi bbe379104a updated vbootstrap-vl.spec: version 0.0.33 12 years ago