Commit History

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  munepi ed6c9d59bd updated 11 years ago
  munepi 40dd5109ee updated Build() を最適化。vbuilder clean build しても、self-build-setup ぱっけーじをインストールしないように変更。self-build-setup は、self-build 関連パッケージをビルド、もしくは、インストールするときのみに、インストールするように変更。 11 years ago
  munepi fb784fe7e7 set STABLE_VERSION to 6.0 11 years ago
  munepi 49db87a39a updated ja.po 11 years ago
  munepi d700ea55c3 supported 6.0 11 years ago
  munepi 56f824b502 updated 11 years ago
  munepi 511eb1ad65 updated modified Usage() 11 years ago
  munepi 9a2d22128d updated fixed setup-vbuilder() 11 years ago
  miyabi 17391744ba fix typo 11 years ago
  munepi 7ff5ccb903 updated added the target noarch in 6802RPM_TARGET_LIST 11 years ago
  munepi d8b06524ce fixed Login_Chroot() in 11 years ago
  munepi 7f41e9839f updated vbootstrap: supported versions format: <version>_<arch>; updated sync the above change for vbootstrap 11 years ago
  munepi 8dedbc1c66 dropped the action "show-info" 11 years ago
  munepi 410b14d161 fixed RPM_Sign(), Login_Chroot() in; the command "vbuilder clean" returns 0. 11 years ago
  munepi 76cd106783 updated 11 years ago
  munepi 4bd2e161fe updated dropped user_from_uid() 11 years ago
  munepi 403c9625c1 updated arranged some procedures to mount /proc and unionfs_dir 12 years ago
  munepi 6c7ca0d666 updated improved Clean() 12 years ago
  munepi 49ae665a5c updated improved Clean() 12 years ago
  Takemikaduchi f98337e0b2 fix unionfs_dir 12 years ago
  munepi d0e18a6b47 updated vbuilder: added --debug, --login options; applied vbootstrap-0.0.37-armhack.patch (Thanks to parrot-san) 12 years ago
  munepi 431af8783d updated added 29528UNIONFS_DIR 12 years ago
  munepi 07d34b4ebc updated supported --unionfs for RPM_Sign() 12 years ago
  munepi a0313c8d74 updated improved RPM_Sign() to sign rpms under usermode 12 years ago
  munepi 611e7d01a2 updated added -o _netdev in mnt_opts (mount-chroot-mount()) 12 years ago
  munepi 58abb8aba5 updated supported usermode 12 years ago
  munepi 108ba2456b updated added --rpmbuild-define, --rpmbuild-without options 12 years ago
  munepi 3e94619c56 updated vbootstrap: gettextlized 12 years ago
  munepi 0b81a97c8d gettextlize の途中 12 years ago
  munepi c2e776798e updated defined require-root() (Thanks to tomo-p-san) 12 years ago